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Archives: 2018

Not Picking the Right Medigap Plan

Check out this article by Kiplinger that goes over how to avoid picking the wrong Medigap plan. View the entire article by clicking here....

Pitfalls of Medicare Advantage Plans

Click here to read post....

What You Need To Know About Social Security And Medicare Changes For 2018

Check out what Forbes has to say about changes that are important to Social Security and Medicare for this year by clicking on the link below. If you have questions about your Medicare coverage and are unsure about Medicare Parts A,B,C, etc., let us help you with the 'Alphabet' of options that are available.  At the Boettcher Insurance Agency, we can tailor your coverage to...

Don't Ignore This Gap When Signing Up For Medicare

Sarah O'Brien | @sarahtgobrien Published 9 Hours Ago After the initial six-month period when you are guaranteed coverage by a Medigap policy, you generally will need to go through medical underwriting, which could result in paying more for a policy or being denied coverage. Make sure you understand what each policy covers to make sure you choose wisely If you recently signed up for Medicare and are considering...

Don't Make These Common, Costly Medicare Mistakes (from CNBC)

If you are aging in to Medicare or are currently part of the Medicare program, please be sure to read this article from CNBC.  Should you have any questions concerning what the author outlines or any other concerns pertaining to Medicare, please give us a call.  We will be pleased to help you with any health insurance questions.

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